Adele Showit 5 Template
Adele Showit 5 Template
Adele Showit 5 Template

Adele Showit 5 Template

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Brand Manifesto:
Adele is a luxury brand for the sophisticated, modern and editorial photographer. Catering to the posh, high end clients, you provide class and elegance in front of and behind the camera. The design features elegant and romantic typography.

Target Client:
Your clients are glamorous, educated and worldly. The bride wants her wedding to be the event of the year and is sparring no expenses with the details. she wants her photos to capture her like she’s on the cover of vogue.

Brand Words:
Luxurious. Editorial. Modern. Sophisticated. Posh. Elegant.

• Unique layout and animation for Home, About, Portfolio and Information pages
• Full screen gallery layout. All Showit galleries available based on your preference.
• Contact page with editable form options
• Journal featuring large posts and images
• Customized mobile design
• Showit support and tutorials
• Virtual hugs with new Showit friends!